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Education 30 years after 1994 requires a significant shakeup (June 2024)

On May 29, South Africa held one of the most pivotal elections in the country's democratic history. As politicians diligently work to find common ground and make the Government of National Unity function, there is a palpable concern about the future of some of the country's most crucial sectors. As we look back on the 30-year journey since our landmark democratic elections in 1994, it becomes evident that significant progress in various sectors, particularly in our education system which will always remain a crucial area of focus.

"South Africa's education sector has made remarkable strides since 1994. Despite the challenges that need to be addressed in primary and secondary education, many South Africans can confidently attest to the benefits of quality education, surpassing the achievements of previous generations. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the current disruptions and the future we are shaping for South Africans," emphasises Professor Saritha Beni, Director of the MANCOSA School of Education (SOE), who adds that the South African tertiary education sector is world-class and continuously produces high-quality graduates.

(Final) Education 30 years after 1994 requires a significant shakeup
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